April 14, 2020


I have always been a big believer in the word home.  To me home is a place of rest.  It’s a place where you can take off your shoes, let your hair down and feel the freedom of a solo dance party. We have to ability to make a little world for ourselves and leave some of the craziness of life outside.  Home is especially important for us as we are all locked in and can take a good hard look at our spaces.  Because let's be honest, we don't have anywhere else to be.  We have an opportunity right now to create our havens!  Here are simple tips I think are super helpful.


1 - PINTEREST.  Pinterest the s@!t out of it.  Let’s take our bedrooms for example.  Flip through pictures and get a sense of what makes you feel at peace (at least that’s how I want to feel in my bedroom).  When you look at a photo, does it make you feel like you can breathe deeply?  Does your body relax?  You may be thinking ‘Annie, you crazy, a picture CANNOT make me feel those things’.  Oh you of little faith, just try it and see how it goes.  You’ve got the time, right??  Get a real sense of what you want for your room.  When you have a good idea of what you want going into it you won’t be purchasing a bunch of extra things.  Plan it out, know exactly what you are looking for.  See if there are things you already have that you can repurpose. 


2 - INCORPORATE PLANTS.  I LOVE PLANTS!!!  I have a bit of an obsession.  And by a bit I mean a very very large obsession.  Plants are life!  Literally.  You are inviting life into your space.  You get to care for them and watch them grow.  They are air purifiers, they can lift your mood, they are natural humidifiers, they have a calming stress relieving effect.  Need I say more??  Yes?  Ok!  They can help reduce depression and anxiety and last point I’ll make is they have proven to increase concentration and productivity.  I feel super duper validated in my obsession!


3 - GIVE ALL YOUR LITTLE THINGS A HOME.  Entrance tables, junk drawers, desktops, the back corner of your closet where YOU don’t even know what’s back there.  Can I get an amen?!?!  Let’s give our knick knacks a home!  Find a little basket for your keys and pocket change, knowwhatimean???  When our things feel like they have a place, our minds can feel less chaotic.  I know for me personally while I’m working out on my yoga mat I am seeing on a dog level and there is a whole world of “things” without  a home.  All of this screams out to me and I cannot concentrate on anything until it’s all sorted.  I’m not saying go out and buy half of the Container Store but get a little creative!  Is there a cool mug or vase you can put pens and markers in?  Is there a little dish from your kitchen to house your bedside chapstick and essential oil?  We can do this!!


4 - PILLOWS AND RUGS.  I freaking love pillows AND rugs!!  By adding in different colors and textures, rooms instantly become warm and inviting.  Rugs have the tendency to be an afterthought but talk about creating a vibe!!  A well picked rug is a total game changer.  When I'm feeling restless with my space I will switch out a pillow and it brings in a whole new life!  I just so happen to know a girl who sells pillows…and rugs… wink wink.