April 03, 2020


Hi all, my name is Annie and I'm the owner of this sweet little home goods line Sonder Goods.

I'm writing a blog.  I most likely don't need to tell you (you are reading it after all) but I'm telling myself.  Mainly because I am not a writer and every time someone suggests I start a blog I feel the need to dive into ice cold water because that sounds more enjoyable.  I hated english class growing up (sorry Mr. Clark).  Do with that what you may.  And to be totally transparent, my very sweet boyfriend edits all of my content for me.  No shame, I'm just very aware of what my strengths are not.  I did come to the epiphany, however, that after a season and a half of Love Island Australia there were better things I could direct my energy towards.  For some people it may have taken half an episode. For me, it took a bit longer.  And so is life.  This is the love baby of my schedule being as clear as the LA sky (when was the last time our air quality was considered 'good', amirite) and I really, genuinely and emphatically cannot watch more Love Island (at least for the moment).  As I cannot promise you consistency or perfection, I can promise you I will do this on my own. I can promise grammatical errors and most importantly, I can promise to bring positivity.  This is the crazy time of Covid and I want to know that I've done everything I can to make the world a more beautiful place in spite of our circumstances.  And these are nutso circumstances. 

It is so wonderful to introduce myself to you - even though it's possible my mama and my boo are the only ones reading this.  My hope is to bring some joy, some home tips and some positivity!!

Stay safe, stay home!

With so much love,