I. Heart. Marfa.

June 01, 2020

I. Heart. Marfa.

I simply think it’s great.  I remember my first time visiting, I was on a road trip moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles.  My friend road tripping with me wanted to stop and see the Prada Marfa store.  It’s this crazy art installation deep in the desert of Texas.  We found this rad place to stay in Marfa past the one stop sign in the center of the town.  This place was a campground of airstreams and teepees.  Basically every glampers dream come true.  We checked into El Cosmico at about 8pm after a long day of driving.  We were searching for a place to eat and the sweet lady at the front desk was like, well…  everything is pretty much closed at this hour.  Haaha…  where are we?!?!  She called and got us into a restaurant.  We pull up and it looked like we are in a residential neighborhood…  again I ask, where are we?!?!  We walk into this restaurant and it’s as if we’ve stepped into SoHo NY.  WHERE ARE WEEEEEE?!  As we are enjoying our meal, people kept coming in…  BEAUTIFUL people.  Now we’ve entered a Ralph Lauren catalog photoshoot in SoHo NY.  WHERE THE BLEEPING BLEEP ARE WE?!  I thought this was a one stop sign desert town in the middle of Texas!


We had a magical night of incredible food and wine.  Had a magical nights rest in an airstream…  literally the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in.  Made ourselves some complimentary chemex coffee and perused the incredible gift shop where I spent a good chunk of change on a coffee mug and prayer beads and ate the most killer breakfast burrito at a local dive before we scooted out of town.  I remember leaving that mystery of a place feeling completely inspired.  We later learned a group of artists from California moved there to create their own getaway.  Totally makes sense.  I honestly think that’s one of the significant times where Sonder was created in my heart.  It was the intersection of creativity, freedom and experience.  That feeling and that place stuck with me.  I’ve been back a couple more times and it never fails to amaze. 


Talk about a full circle moment…  my sweet sweet Sonder roll-on scents are now sold at El Cosmico in Marfa Texas. 


Dreams comin’ true.