Sonder Goods




All of our jewelry is crafted in Los Angeles out of solid Eco Brass and Sterling Silver.  Each piece comes with your own polishing cloth.  

Brass:  All of our brass jewelry is made out of Eco Brass.  Eco brass is a lead free brass that is more pure and stronger than traditional brass.  Like any brass, however, it will tarnish over time depending on your skin type.  Your polishing cloth will shine your piece up nicely.  You can also rub a small amount of fresh lemon or orange juice on the piece then rinse with water to get it back to it's original sparkle and shine.

Sterling:  Any tarnishing can be worked out with your polishing cloth or a little lemon juice


After you have enjoyed the beautiful aroma of your candle, you are welcome to enjoy your pottery in the mornings as a coffee mug, bring a plant to life as a pot or whatever your heart desires.  These gorgeous handmade pieces are dishwasher safe.


These lovely hand loomed throws are so excited to be dropped off at your dry cleaner.


These beauties are not food safe so we recommend placing a napkin or piece of fabric down first. All they need is a light wipe with a dry or slightly damp towel.